Permenants i needs

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Permenants i needs

Post by JeetKuneDo on Fri Dec 04, 2009 5:09 am

Party house items i still need
Over 11000 +11001 Party House Ryo per day, plus one of 11 Bonuses
Dartboard +3 Levels during Bingos, +1 Base Number per Dart thrown
Party Animal +1 Team Changes per day
Pinchy Claw +500 Ryo when Collecting, 10% chance for Rare Ingredients when Hunting
Sevens Trophy +10 Stamina
Prize Wheel
Codec +3 Range when Attacking other Villages
Golden Band of Courage +2 Nin Levels
Golden Band of Power +2 Tai Levels
Golden Band of Wisdom +2 Gen Levels
Golden Collar of Courage +1 Nin Range
Golden Collar of Power +1 Tai Range
Golden Collar of Wisdom +1 Gen Range
Golden Star of Courage +1 Nin Strength
Golden Star of Power +1 Tai Strength
Golden Star of Wisdom +1 Gen Strength
Polar Star +2 Range
Regalia +1 Range, +1 Strength, may Attack Villages twice a day
Scratchy Tickets
Claymore 1 in 3 chance to receive a native Advanced Resource from a Village that has none on Invasion, +3 Successes on Village Attacks
The Glow +1 Levels, Strength, Successes, Range
holiday items
Fireworks Launcher +4 Nin Levels, -1 Gen Level, -1 Tai Level Yes Yes
Book of Follet +2 Gen Levels Yes Yes
Bow of Windia +1 Level Yes Yes
Hat of Sakyura +1 Range Yes Yes
Kaiku drops
Bear Coat +1 Taijutsu Strength Yes Yes
Big Mouth +40 Appetite Yes Yes
Book of Spoilers +10% Gen AP on regular missions Yes Yes
Carapace Armor +10% Tai AP on regular missions Yes Yes
Catgirl Entourage Doubles the Ranking XP of Parties! Yes Yes
Claw Card +1 Nin Success Yes Yes
Dramatic Monologue Storm Points over 7,500 are saved at Dayroll Yes Yes
Driving Music +1 Drift, +1 Drive Yes Yes
Firebrand +20 Stamina upon successfully Invading a Village Yes Yes
Fruits Basket +3 Ingredients when Collecting Yes Yes
Go Piece +10% AP/XP on regular missions Yes Yes
Groupies +2 Strength against Monsters Yes Yes
Helix Tattoo +2 Arena Fights per day Yes Yes
Huggly Teddybear +3 Perm Count, +3 Successes vs. Kaiju Yes Yes
Kaiju Memento +30 Stamina per day Yes Yes
Lab Coat +5 Stamina when fighting Monsters, +5% Chance when Unleashing Science, bonuses on successful Science! usage Yes Yes
Late-Night Snack +100 000 daily XP per day Yes Yes
Lycoris +5 Drain Yes No
Magical Wand +1 Genjutsu Strength Yes Yes
Merchant Sigil +2% marketplace ryo pull Yes Yes
Money Printer +25% Ryo on Missions Yes Yes
Monkey Cymbals +2 Tai Levels Yes Yes
Perfect Hair +10% Nin AP on regular missions Yes Yes
Persocom +10 Stamina per day Yes Yes
Pink Skull -20 Stamina Cost when Focusing Yes Yes
Plug Suit +1 Gen Success Yes Yes
Poisoned Daggers +5 Successes against Monsters Yes Yes
Pokerballs +25% Ally Find Chance Yes Yes
Polar Star +2 Range Yes Yes
Power over 9000 +1 Tai Success Yes Yes
Red Water -10 Hours to Bingo Timer when Bingo'd by an Attacking Ninja Yes Yes
Regalia +1 Strength, +1 Range, may Attack Villages twice a day Yes Yes
Rocket Punch +3 Stamina per Kaiju Attack, +10% Kaiju Damage Yes Yes
Shiny Belt +2 Levels Yes Yes
Soul of Steel +1 Fight per Arena Buy Yes Yes
Spirit of the Demon of the Sand You have the ability to contain the Sand Demon Yes Yes
Spirit of the Nine-Tailed Fox You have the ability to contain the Nine-Tailed Fox, but it resists.. Yes Yes
Student ID +1 to all Levels Yes Yes
Troll Account +5 Range when Attacking other villages Yes Yes
Vampire Cloak +1 Ninjutsu Strength Yes Yes
Major kaikus i need
Avant-Guards +5% PH Discount Yes Yes
Crystal Tumblers +2 Max Juice per day Yes Yes
Flaming Spit Technique Flaming Spit Technique instead of Fists vs. Zombjas Yes Yes
'Goodbye Kitten' Pink Taser +2 Attacks per Focus on Phases Yes Yes
Makeshift Booth +10 Marketplace Item Slots Yes Yes
Parting Gifts +5000 Party House Ryo Yes Yes
Pokey Stick 11% chance to do +100% damage to Kaiju Yes Yes
Quality Cookware May eat a second Ramen at 10x cost Yes Yes
Remote Scout +3 Pizza Witch Discern Yes Yes
Sad Robot +50% Friend Points Yes Yes
Surplus Ordnance +1 Common card per PizzaWitch Pack Yes Yes
Time Reversal Cube 11% to dodge death by phase Yes Yes
Training Montage +2 Max Crank Yes Yes
Zombja Survival Guide 20% chance to dodge infection Yes Yes

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