Example of missing shinies

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Example of missing shinies

Post by Ba2 on Tue Dec 01, 2009 7:42 am

First, guidelines. Note: Your Topics will look like second part of this post in this topic. These topics are used by the ViceKages and Mighty KenDx to get you moster drops and alike for the auction house.

Item Cheker

Follw that link and then follow directions. It should give you list of all permanent items you are missing neatly categorized. After this make a new topic titled same way as this is. Then copy your missing perms in the post. Once this is done, remember to update this list, that way you Mighty Kaiju Kage and your great Vice Kages would know what perms are the most needed among people


Well, i dont have much yet but i'm working on that =)

List of Kaiju drops you still need
Driving Music

List of Major Kaiju Drops you still need
Crystal Tumblers
Parting Gifts
Remote Scout
Sad Robot

List of Party House Items you still need
Over 11000
The Glow

List of R00t Items you still need
Eleven Tails

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