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Raiding guide

Post by Li7hium on Fri Dec 04, 2009 3:41 pm

I wrote this guide two months ago for Insightful. Now copypasted it here.

To ease up everything ahead I strongly suggest getting yourself an
addon called greasemonkey, then head on to the forums -> general
discussion -> bvs resources -> greasemonkey scripts and acquire
'BVS success probability' and 'BvS Improved Spy Report'. Latter is
especially important as spy reports are otherwise a real pain to read.
Now to the raiding..
You get 1% of targets ryo when you raid, double if you have the A team.

Picking right target
up two browser tabs/windows. You use one window to watch spy report and
the other to check if those targets having lots of ryo are 1) not in
ally list 2) possible to successfully raid 3) you can track down their

To save up time check these things in that particular order.
you have found a village matching those criteria there are still some
vilages to avoid - If their leader is a kaijukage and not 20 or more
levels lower than you or not having less than 120 perms.. you have
little or no chance.
Unless they are not notepage protected. If you have Loyal Sacrifice and full moon you can easily check that.

Bingoing their kage
To break the ascension their kage has to be bingoed.

What team to use?
Doughman/Bones/Right2 and Doughman/Bones/Spot2 are universal choices.
Bones/Right2/LisaLisa if their leader does not use SDF theme
Twins/Bones/Doughman if the leader is low level, but you could still catch him if the difficulty were lower by eight.
they use unbingoable ally, then switch your team accordingly and HB if
you don't mind that stamina loss.
If target is especially juicy, you might use Grim Prediction (auto track, -100 stam. thought by Hyuk).

What jutsu to use?
If you're Redeye, then fully enhanced Fire and Flames,
If you're Lagacy, then fully enhanced Sand Coffin.
If you're Whiteeye, then I recommend to loop [Although Ba2 seems to manage just fine].

After you have managed to bingo your target, use juicy apples to check if he is surely bingoed. If not, then rebingo.
If your target had mr. Tea in his team, rebingo.


If you have mr.Tea lvl3, switch to the A Team (Tea/Blind Fury/Smiley) and well.. raid . A team gives you +3 str and double ryo when raiding.
If you haven't then raid anyway.

Open to suggestions

more thing. Make notes about who you raided. There are not too many
good targets so feel free to write down their addresses and visit them
again xP.

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