Delta's Unobtained Shinies!

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Delta's Unobtained Shinies!

Post by Delta Sand on Wed Dec 02, 2009 1:26 pm

Here we go. Wow, I didnt realize I was missing so much. Already have Firebrand and Polar Star Kaijuu drops.

Kaijuu Drops:
Bear Coat
Big Mouth
Book of Spoilers
Carapace Armor
Catgirl Entourage
Claw Card
Dramatic Monologue
Driving Music
Fruits Basket
Go Piece
Granola Camouflage
Helix Tattoo
Huggly Teddybear
Kaiju Memento
Lab Coat
Late-Night Snack
Magical Wand
Merchant Sigil
Money Printer
Monkey Cymbals
Perfect Hair
Plug Suit
Poisoned Daggers
Power Over 9000
Rocket Punch
Shiny Belt
Soul of Steel
Spirit of the Demon of the Sand
Spirit of the Nine-Tailed Fox
Student ID
Tire Tracks
Troll Account
Vampire Cloak

Major Kaijuu Drops:
Crystal Tumblers
Flaming Spit Technique
Makeshift Booth
Parting Gifts
Pokey Stick
Quality Cookware
Remote Scout
Sad Robot
Surplus Ordnance
Time Reversal Cube
Training Montage
Zombja Survival Guide
'Goodbye Kitten' Pink Taser

General Items:
Aura of Gratitude
Crusader's Sword
Glowing Mood Ring
Gothic Album
Party Animal
Pirate Hat
Sannin's Premium
The Final Countdown
The Five Rings
The Tote
The Touch

Party House Items:
Over 11000
Pinchy Claw
Sevens Trophy
The Glow

Shop Items:

PH Super Rares

Arena Items:
Destiny Warrior
Duelist's Eye
Jazz Hands
Warrior Of Power
Warrior Of Wisdom
X-Ray Specs

Reaper/Monochrome Items:
Awesome Pants
Dark Band
Destiny Fulfilled
Loyal Sacrifice
Sight Beyond Sight

Wasteland Items:
Ancient Blueprints
Average Pistol
Basic Dustcloak
Dark Cowl
Makeshift Pistol
Makeshift Scythe
Ninpo Mask
Quality Boots
Silver Scythe
Storm's Fury
Storm's Path
Wasteland Boots
Wasteland Cowl
Weighted Dustcloak

Runic Items:
Boots of Walking
Cowl of the Second HoCage
Dustcloak of Sneaking
Pistol of Repeating
Scythe of Razing
Solid Shades

Burger Ninja:

R00t Items:
Aromatic Grass
Eleven Tails
Epitaph of the Twilight
Finite Spiral
Holy Spur
Iron Bond
Mottled Wing
Prancing Haze
Risky Coffee
Soundless Jade
Spear of Wotan
Tickling Death
Voice Enslaver
Wanton Rose

Zombja Items:
Nonja Chef

Holiday Items:
11DBHK's Birthday Hat
Bat of Casper
Book of Follet
Bow of Windia
Hat of Sakyura
Whip of Rosa

Valentine Items:
Beat-up Teddy
Emo Valentine
Pink Bouquet

Golden Items:
Golden Band of Courage
Golden Band of Power
Golden Band of Wisdom
Golden Collar of Courage
Golden Collar of Power
Golden Collar of Wisdom
Golden Star of Courage
Golden Star of Power
Golden Star of Wisdom

Referral Trophies
11DBHK's Purple Shades
Aviator Goggles
Coolness Badge
Gold Necklace
Helper Pin
Pat on the Back
Piece of the Action

Unobtainable Items:
BillyCon Emblem
Chibi Trap Yukio
Headband of Awesome
Tiny Bee Pistols
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