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Ryo Farming

Post by Serne on Wed Dec 16, 2009 4:26 am

With the launch of Pizza Witch drop farming has become an even larger gold mine.

Most people farm with a team of Emosuke+Proof Reader+Olmek. For those of us who don't have proof reader due to season yet however, there are other teams we can use.

For example, filtered threads are going on the market for between 1k and 2k each and drop fairly often from Sticky.

The numbers I am showing are for Billy 3 and Emosuke 3

I am going to compare the numbers I get from a Billy+Emo+Omlek team.

The drops i received from Emosuke totaled about 65k ryo in value.

Drops I received from Billy I sold in Marketplace for 66k ryo(I didn't even use the going rate for them. I undercut it by about 30% for both smokes and buckets.)

I received 63 smoke bombs and sold them for about 567 ryo per unit.

I received 21 billy buckets, and sold 15 of them for around 2k. The average price on them now is around 2.5k.

Neither of the items I posted we up for more than 30 minutes. The smoke bombs in fact were auto-bought.

Now let's compare Sticky versus Emosuke.

In S1 on a bad day in wastelands(I have STI) I would generally get about 27 filtered threads off of about 550 stamina(with code and question bonuses).

In S2 my average stamina in a day is closer to 700(with the code and question bonuses).

If I have Olmek in my team the drop rate for Sticky will double, I also have SBYN active this further increases how many drops I will receive.

If I receive 33 drops or more in one day Sticky is better than Emo for farming. He is also better than Billy for farming, however Billy has 2 market place sellable drops. Emosuke however has the plus of being constant income unaffected by market variance.
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