How to get easy golden item in every season.

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How to get easy golden item in every season.

Post by Li7hium on Wed Dec 02, 2009 4:01 pm

We all want shiny golden items. And a mighty pirate hat. But to get them you have to either deal with proof reader or end up in top three in rankings while being a level 51 jonin or higher.

I'm not dealing with Proof Reader today, so high ranking is what we want. As getting top three ranking as a Jonin or Sannin is expensive and hard, we are doing it as a sp. Jonin. But one of the requirements for 2 B A is being Jonin you say. Trick is: get to top three as sp. Jonin and the day you see your name shining in the rankings list, do the Jonin exam and the quest.

Preparations for painless execution:
  • be a lvl 51 sp. Jonin or near that level.
  • requirements met to become Jonin!!
  • have a bulk of silver elixirs (village can help you in that matter).
  • have as much appetite bonuses as possible at that day: ramen, plamface bingo, apertif from the juice bar.
  • Cici/Lulu won't hurt to have
  • get yourself Nadeshiko [hang out with four allies via friend points at the same day] and her jutsu
  • have around 40k ryo for parties.

Don't bother too much with stamina bonuses and stuff as you won't get too much ranking from missions anyway.

Executing the plan:
  • get your appetite
  • drink your elixirs
  • Throw two parties using Nadeshikos Jutsu
  • Run some missions with Pinky2/Stalker2/whoever or if you're S2+ then Annie2/Mr. Tea(not mandatory)/Stalker2 or Pinky2
  • check out your awesome ranking xp and wait for another day

*new day arrives*

  • check if you're in top three. If you aren't then you were extremely unhappy and have to try again. If you were then proceed.
  • do the Jonin exam [get 300k ranking by drinking elixirs].
  • do the 2 B A quest.
  • go to halls of awesome and receive a shiny.

ps. This guide can also be used as Sannin ranking guide. Sort of. A rank missions actually have 'some' importance in building up your rxp not like B rank ones.

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