Time for Uncle Archie's Retro Game corner

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Time for Uncle Archie's Retro Game corner

Post by Archduke13 on Fri Jan 22, 2010 4:44 am

Welcome boys and girls, today's featured game is one that is very near and dear to my heart.
It was the first game that got me interested in RPGs, and set the limits to what I find great in story telling.

Final Fantasy six(back when I first played it, it was called three).
Needless to say, I loved it because of the enthralling story, endearing characters, fun battle system, excellent graphics(I'm a sucker for sprites, so suck on that three dimensional polygons!), and awesome musical score.
Now, I first played this back in 1995(back when I was only seven, and first dreaming of world domination), and needless to say even back then I loved the characters and more importantly the story(being the son of a teacher and a scientist, with little to no social life, back then I had a vocabulary three times the size of my peers, mainly because I was reading almost constantly, and most of it was fantasy stuff, so I understood almost everything in the game, except for why a yeti would listen to a teddy-bear with wings and a bobble-thing).
And to this day my list of favorite characters haven't changed(In order of most favorite to least):
Relm(Magical artist girl, back then I liked her after I loaded her up with flare and ultima, now I like her because she is freakin' adorable)
Celes(What can I say, she looked real good in that opera dress, and she was a good fighter as well as a mage)
Ultros(To this day I want a stuffed Ultros doll of my very own)
Locke(I always loved the thief characters, since they also always turned out to be the best in a fight)
Kefka(He may look like a gay clown, but man is he the mos effective Final Fantasy villain ever, not only does he threaten to destroy the world, he succeeds)
Terra(She's hot and all, but not as useful as my top two)
Mog(He used to be higher up on the list, until I played it again, and remembered how much of a bitch it was to get all his dances, and how much they sucked).
Gau(Never use the kid, but man is he entertaining)

For those of you out there who haven't played this game yet, either get one of it's many ports(GBA or PSX), or download the rom and an emulator and play it.
And now, for something completely different.

A preview for the next installment, Secret of Mana.
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Re: Time for Uncle Archie's Retro Game corner

Post by Archduke13 on Fri Jan 22, 2010 4:54 am

Just because this is awesome, and related.