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Wiggin VS Perm Count

Post by Wiggin on Wed Dec 02, 2009 2:44 pm

I'm not listing the sections that I already have everything in or items that you lose when looping. This page is going to be too cluttered already.

Kaiju drops you still need
Cold Hard Cash
Headband of Awesome
Huggly Teddybear
Jutsu Barrage
Lightning Draw
Thunderclaw Ring

Major Kaiju Drops you still need
Flaming Spit Technique
Makeshift Booth
Parting Gifts
Quality Cookware
Remote Scout
Surplus Ordnance
Training Montage
'Goodbye Kitten' Pink Taser

General Items you still need
Crusader's Sword
The Final Countdown
The Touch

Party House Items you still need
Over 11000
The Glow

R00t Items you still need
Aromatic Grass
Eleven Tails
Finite Spiral
Holy Spur
Iron Bond
Mottled Wing
Prancing Haze
Risky Coffee
Soundless Jade
Spear of Wotan
Tickling Death
Voice Enslaver
Wanton Rose

Referral Items
11DBHK's Purple Shades
Aviator Goggles
Coolness Badge
Gold Necklace
Pat on the Back
Piece of the Action

Unobtainable Items you still need
BillyCon Emblem
Chibi Trap Yukio
Headband of Awesome
Tiny Bee Pistols

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